Crochet pattern of the Papilio palinurus butterfly. This beautiful green butterfly reminds me of a tropical butterfly. I only know this butterfly from pictures, photos and the zoo. In the Netherlands it cannot be found in nature. You can find it in South and Southeast Asia. Although this is not a Dutch butterfly, the bright green shiny colors appealed to me so much that I wanted to crochet it. It is a butterfly of the Pages family, just like the papilio machaon. The papilio machaon can be seen in the Netherlands, it is also rare here. The butterfly's wings appear a beautiful green. If you put the fibers under a microscope, the scales on the wings are not green, but yellow and blue. Together it ensures that we see it as green. I think it's beautiful in the true-to-life colors. What would this butterfly look like in pink or purple? You can always adjust the colors.
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