the castle


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Crochetpattern by MieksCreaties. Includes step-by-step pictures.
The castle, knight and cannon.

Once upon a time.....  in a country far, far away, there was a big castle where brave knights live. They guard the castle with blue towers with their shields and swords. The flags flutter proudly in the wind and the torches are lit. It is said that the knights can fold the castle, load it on a horse, and take it to different spots. The knights also have a cannon that fits exactly between the battlements to protect the castle properly. They do not use the cannon often. Their country is big enough for everybody. The knights live long and happily in their castle.

For the crochet pattern of the castle you need a 2.5mm and a 3mm crochet needle. You can of course adjust the colors,  you can make green, red or pink castle! The crochet pattern of the brave knight, knight on horseback and cannon is included.